Handmade Cords & Chains

So you’ve chosen a unique pendant for yourself or a significant other, now what do you hang it on?

At Daniel Bentley Jewellery, we love to play with colour and textures which is why we have a range of custom-made, designer satin cords in 12 fashionable colours: turquoise, black, honey, grey, olive and icy jade just to name a few.  All of these are mounted with our unique, handcrafted silver clasp. They are easy to wear and come in two lengths for different applications. Wear the fine 88cm cord long or wrap it twice for a bundled look, or choose the 45cm length for a classic look. Play with the colours and contrast them to the colour gemstone custom pendants. Choose several to compliment your different outfits. Have fun!

We have a selection of handmade leather cord necklaces and wrist-bands in black, brown and vermillion red. These feature either our artisan, high-polished silver clasp or a bespoke black rhodium clasp in our signature design. It’s all about the fresh, contemporary look that you can create.