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With over 25 years’ experience as a jewellery designer, Daniel Bentley has dedicated himself to hand-crafting exquisite and timeless pieces of jewellery. Creating thoughtfully distinct pieces, Daniel has ensured that his collections inspire awe and allow you to embrace the real ‘you’.

Daniel’s work is renowned for his superb craftsmanship, and each piece is created with the utmost care and respect. His designer jewellery is more than beautiful, it’s inspiring, striking and sophisticated. Daniel Bentley’s reputation for producing divine pieces has seen his jewellery worn by European aristocracy, national leaders and media personalities.

Daniel Bentley

From the simplest ring through to the most expressive statement necklaces, each piece of Daniel Bentley’s jewellery is memorable and transformative.

Every piece of Daniel Bentley jewellery is designed by either Daniel or his wife Lene. There are no outside designers involved. That’s how you can be sure that that the piece you choose has been carefully designed and meticulously created.

Each Daniel Bentley piece represents an intriguing mix of Australian and Danish influence, and has been designed to help you unleash your individuality.

Daniel Bentley’s awards include:

• Finalist 2006 Australian Jewellery Design Awards
• Finalist 2007 & 2009 Harpers Bazaar Diamond Design Awards


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Ever since Daniel Bentley began designing jewellery over 25 years ago, he became captivated with the way that a carefully crafted piece could transform the wearer. How it could complement and capture someone’s personality and style so effortlessly. This is what kept him pushing the boundaries of jewellery design and creating some of the most enchanting pieces.

After travelling the world and visiting some of the most exotic overseas locations, Daniel travelled to Denmark. Not knowing how much this would impact his life, Denmark is where he met and fell in love with his wife Lene. Together, they created and built Daniel Bentley Jewellery.

They spent the first 10 years building up the brand in Europe and the pieces were so unique they featured in fashion magazines and newspapers around the world. Daniel Bentley’s pieces have even been worn by some of Australia’s most prominent media personalities, and featured in a number of fashion magazines across the country.

Daniel and Lene Bentley

Inspiring design, capturing beauty.

Each and every piece in our collections has a story. An inspiration. A characteristic that you can feel connected to.

We pride ourselves on creating captivating pieces of jewellery, born from an attentive and careful design process. But, we are also extremely passionate about what inspires us. From Scandinavian style, modern architecture and elegant natural forms – each of our inspirations has a distinct place in our designs.

By using our inspirations, we can create pieces that capture your personality and your style. Simply, each piece has been designed to make you feel beautiful.

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