Handmade Men’s Jewellery

If you’re a man, then you’ll want to get your hands on our original, stylish mens’ jewellery items. If you’re a woman then you’ll want your man to look fabulous and have the right handmade accessories. Which ever you are, this is the right place to be when it comes to pendants, leather wrist-bands, cufflinks, bangles, rings and belt buckles for men.

Each of our unique, designer pieces has been inspired by nature and the rugged terrain that is the Australian outback. The “Dry River” collection, was inspired by the crusted clay of a dry riverbed during a long Australian drought. The form is raw and fine and features custom-made, brushed sterling silver with black Rhodium accents.

“Desert Sands” design evokes scenes of the vast Australian desert dunes, vast and seemingly unending. The hero piece is the solid Sterling silver, handcrafted belt buckle with black rhodium shadowing, mounted on a changeable/reversible Australian leather belt.

There is also the Rift design inspired by the massive canyons in outback Australia. It’s a controlled sleek, custom design ideal for corporate use and features a signature Sterling silver belt buckle, ring and cufflinks in brushed and polished metal.

Any of these designs will say a lot about you and your style. That you’re original, bold and love great quality jewellery.