Golden light captures Daniel Bentley's Autumn jewellery


As we layer up for the cooler months, how do we make jewellery stand out against longer sleeves, higher necklines, thicker textures? Here master jeweller Daniel Bentley gives his insightful tips on how to embrace statement jewellery this autumn.



Ebb Tide necklace long shown on model

When your clothing gets heavier, it follows that your jewellery does too. It’s important that your jewellery doesn’t get lost in the weight of your clothing, so go bold with a striking statement necklace – something unique, eye-catching and expresses your personality.

Switch out your thin gold chain for a longer necklace with strong visual impact. Statement necklaces work well over high-neck blouses and sweaters to focus attention on your neckline. Our Ebb Tide long necklace in highly polished sterling silver stands out against wintry blacks and greys, its beautiful curves falling elegantly over layers.



    A large, angular pendant will pop against dark clothing. Our choice: the South Atlantic pendant in solid silver, as is, or embedded with warm, smokey quartz. What I love about this is that it’s versatile – the satin cord comes in a variety of beautiful colours to complement the piece of jewellery that’s on it or to match your outfit.

    Modern, geometric forms look fantastic on top of fabric. Our Tribute collier necklace is a stunner with its sharp edges and architectural lines, inspired by my 10 years living in Denmark. This style fits tightly along the neckline but is long enough to sit just on the decolletage and over the top of a blouse or shirt.



    Autumn is about golden colours and warm-toned gemstones like smokey quartz (earthy brown), citrine (honey yellow) and lemon quartz (lime yellow) have become very popular in the past few years.

    Stunning pieces of jewellery. Combine golden citrine, smokey quartz and lemon quartz

    Bring warmth to your wardrobe with golden, smokey gemstones that are easy to work with fashion-wise. Nothing captures this better than our South Atlantic autumn necklet, cuff and loop earrings. The triangular silver shapes are set with gemstones that are specially cut, so they’re beautifully smooth on top with facets underneath to catch the light.

    Sculptural pieces designed to impress. Here's the South Atlantic ring XL with smokey quartz and South Atlantic loop earrings

    This look is about wearing art as part of your style. The South Atlantic autumn necklet can be worn every day or as an evening piece on top of a dark, contrasting blouse, while a showstopping South Atlantic cocktail ring in smokey quartz is all you’ll need with a Little Black Dress.



    The fashion of the moment is to go without a necklace and let earrings be the focus. When the weather (and our clothes) are a bit grey, brighten things up with beautiful statement earrings.

    Daniel Bentley statement earrings. Grevillea long earrings and Pirouette earrings with golden citrines are ready to impress

    In the cooler months when we’re wearing chunky knits and scarves, I think long earrings look great in contrast. Our Grevillea long earrings – with their simple, silver seedpod shape – are amazing whether your hair is up or down. Even without gemstones, they really stand out. If you do like a bit of sparkle, our Pirouette earrings are long drops that feature a warm yellow citrine and diamond on an elegant silver twirl.


    5. CUFF IT!

    When it comes to your wrists, go big and bold or go home! Autumn is the perfect season to try out wider, heavier, more luxurious bangles and cuffs.

    A solid, striking cuff will sit beautifully over long sleeves and is a way to add personality to your outfit. Our popular Iceberg bracelet, South Atlantic cuff and Ebb Tide cuff are conversation starters!