The importance of statement earrings

Earrings can be long and slender or bold and sculptural and there is no denying they can make your look. More than ever, if you pay attention to the stars that grace the red carpet, you’ll find that they are wearing amazing earrings and a bold bracelet, and this defines their style.

Daniel has long been a follower of the less is more philosophy, and feels that sometimes you need to pare things back and find more simple refined look.

To quote Coco Chanel, “Before leaving the house a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. Just as long as the ones you have left are the right ones and preferably Daniel Bentley.

So a great cuff, bangle or bracelet and a killer pair of earrings. Long earrings are great. They move, they work with you hair up or down and are really noticeable which is so important. They don’t have to dominate, so it’s about striking the right balance.

Daniel has added some new stunning earrings designs to the collections many of them featuring his signature forward-curving long hook design. Handmade in brushed or high polished silver or gold and featuring some beautiful coloured gems or pearls they will define your look.

The Nouvelle collection features four of these earrings in stunning sculptural designs though with all of these it’s the feature hook that makes the difference.

There’s  “Bliss” with medium blue Sapphires, “Lily” with soft curves and stunning red Garnets, “Disc” with its clean brushed surface and cultured pearl and “Naya”, a beautiful drop form with a Ceylon Sapphire. All of these designs are amazing in their form and colour and are a fresh addition to our collections.

Pirouette is also a collection where the simple lines of the long earrings define the piece. It does help when you have one of the beautiful coloured gem and diamond pieces in a shade that suits you. The accompanying cuff doesn’t have to match though it should work with the earrings to complete the look, Ebb Tide medium bangle or something from the South Atlantic collection.

People will notice your choices, that is for certain and you will be admired for your fabulous taste.