During our recent photoshoot for our latest jewellery designs on a glorious Queensland island, we were confronted by the fickle nature of the wind.

We had been preparing this shoot for weeks discussing the options with photographer Israel Rivera and producer Katrine Bowman. Israel believed it would be amazing to shoot on the island that is the source of so much inspiration to us. We didn’t disagree as it is pure paradise. Working on an island presents certain complications as you have to remember to bring everything necessary. It’s not just a quick trip to town if you need a new outfit or makeup.

Our excitement built as we approached the island by ferry. The weather was stunning with light cloud and warm spring air. Last to arrive was our model Sapphire De Goede and hair and makeup artist Tania Travers and as the sun went down over the sea we discussed the following days shoot.

During the early hours of dawn the sun shone and warmed us. It was going to be an amazing day. All around us, scattered on the beach were fallen trees from tropical cyclone Debbie a few years ago. They were bleached white by the sun and there was a sad beauty about them.

It was on this island that many of our silver and gold jewellery collections have had their design birth.  So it was special for us to be shooting here. The long shadows on the sand were stunning and as the sun rose and we set up for our first shot the wind appeared and Sapphire, our model began to freeze.


As things progressed photographer Israel Rivera had to adapt and makeup artist Tania together with Lene Bentley struggled with hair and styling. In a location like this with the perfect coastline and the warm sun it’s hard to image being cold, but the wind cut through.

As the day progressed we worked through our list and tried to keep Sapphire warm between shots, she was fabulous.

The next day as we reviewed the images the wind continued to howl. The skill of Israel, Tania, Lene and Sapphire shone through as the photos revealed images of the beach with a seemingly soft breeze and a beautiful girl enjoying the warmth of the sun. Perfect.