Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, this cliché is so popular that when February 14 comes, it’s not only in the air…it is everywhere. Valentine’s Day is so special that it stands next to Christmas and New Year as the most celebrated holidays all over the world. Love is a universal language. It goes beyond religious belief, political stance, cultural differences or traditions. What do you think of this holiday celebrating love? How would you celebrate it with your significant other?

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day it’s important to realise that celebrating love and life are essential to one’s happiness. While some people insist that, “If your loved ones really matter, you wouldn’t wait for February 14 to celebrate your love for them”. Others say they dislike that big corporations monetize this holiday. Either way, who can say that celebrating love openly is a bad thing?

Yes, no one should wait for a specific date to express their love or feelings, but in this busy world, not everyone gets to have special days and some people need a gentle reminder. On Valentine’s Day everyone wins.

What gift should you give?

We believe giving a beautiful piece of jewellery is the most memorable way of saying I love you. It’s a significant symbol that lasts so much longer than Valentine’s Day itself, and every time the recipient wears the piece they will be reminded of your love. Choose a design that says something about you as a person and that shows you have really thought about them and considered their style. You can’t go wrong.

When the roses have wilted and the champagne is finished, the ring, earrings or necklace shines on as a symbol of your love and that’s a truly wonderful thing.

Celebrate love and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! xoxo