Welcome to the new Daniel Bentley website and shop

We have strived to create beautiful imagery that captures the feel of the jewellery we have designed, in a way that will draw you in so that you have a truly immersive experience.

We’ve really enjoyed the process of renewing the look of our website, from the stunning photos to the ease of use. Our hopes are that you will enjoy the beautiful images, delve into the stories behind the collections and learn a little more about the design and making processes of our unique jewellery.


The collections are always evolving though the design philosophy remains the same. We like the forms to be refined and elegant and really contain the essence of the original object of inspiration without any superfluous elements. One of the most important things when designing, is knowing when to say stop. It’s a talent Daniel possesses and he ensures that the original jewellery he creates passes that test.

What you are left with are creations in gold and silver that are balanced and beautiful.


We take a very personal approach to our jewellery from the first rouch sketches to the finished masterpiece , elements are refined and reworked until the ideal form is achieved. It’s a long process but over the years Daniels techniques and understanding of form have reached new heights.

“I could try to explain what it is I feel when a creation is just right, though it might not make sense to those who don’t know me. It really is a sense of knowing that this is “it” and it’s very satisfying,” says Daniel. “It’s often a long journey from the original idea but you just have to follow it until you get where you need to be.”



When you take a piece of Daniels’ jewellery into your hands you can really feel that the pieces are simply beautiful and beautifully simple (the company moto), and as always the pieces have beautiful weight and a finish that truly defines them as a luxury item.

“Jewellery in something intimate, it sits closely to your body and can become a part of you. That emotional attachment to our jewellery starts the moment you try it on,” says Daniel.

Weight, comfort and feel are the next most important elements after design though in some ways you could say that they are equally important, after all it is something you will wear and love for a long time.


Our aim for our silver and gold jewellery collections is that the original designs compliment and inspire the wearer. The quality must also match these lofty intentions. This is why Daniel considers it paramount that the finish of his jewellery is outstanding. Some elements can be brushed and others high polished to be used in contrast. From the smallest earring to the most impressive necklace the quality of the craftsmanship must be the highest.


Often our designs are purchased to celebrate an event or milestone, and become symbols and mementos of that occasion. They become important, and a connection grows between the giver and the wearer. This is something that only beautiful jewellery can represent so well, and once the connection to the piece is there, we believe it is unbreakable.

“We encourage you to peruse the beautiful silver, gold and pearl collections and find an original design that you connect with, and make that piece a part of you.”

Daniel and Lene Bentley