Feeling good… beautifully

What is the connection between beauty and feeling good and why do we humans surround ourselves with beautiful things?

We are emotional beings and as a species we have always been attracted to objects that excite and fascinate us. Shapes, colours and textures and things that sparkle… we love them. They make us feel good. Our homes are decorated with appealing items that capture that feeling.

This is the same reasoning that we have for creating the jewellery we design and make here at Daniel Bentley. Working with precious metals, gold and silver and platinum, transforming them into pleasing shapes and adorning them with amazing gemstones and lustrous pearls… it feels good.

These precious artworks also become important symbols for the wearers. They are reminders of a loved one, of a special occasion, a birth, a marriage, an anniversary and so on. So many emotions are tied to them.

Have a look at your jewellery

Take a moment to look at the pieces of jewellery you are wearing right now. There is little doubt that you will know the day you received the necklace, or who bought you the ring or where in the world you purchased your favourite earrings. They are powerful mementos. You treasure them and the memory infused in the metal.

The wonderful part about these objects of beauty, is that you can take them with you wherever you go.

Jewellery is worn to beautify but also to show the world around you that you are loved and to showcase your style and personality.

At Daniel Bentley, we love being a part of your story. It’s a privilege for us to create our jewellery designs that so many of you treasure, it gives us those good vibes that we hope that you also experience wearing them.