Gifts For Mum

Celebrate your mum this Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day gift of jewellery from Daniel Bentley.

On Mother’s Day we get to show our wive’s, mum’s and grandmother’s and any other mother figure in our lives just how much they mean to us. Our latest blog features an array of gift ideas for this Mother’s Day, with a wonderful selection of Daniel Bentley jewellery they will love.

1. Engrave Something Special For Mum

Have something special engraved into a piece of jewellery for mum with these Mother’s Day Engraving ideas. At Daniel Bentley we’re passionate about jewellery being a memorable item that one cherishes, and what better way to remember an occasion, date or person than by having a beautiful piece of jewellery specially engraved.

Some engraving ideas for mum include:

  • I love you mum
  • Thanks mum
  • You’re one of a kind
  • Thanks for always being here
  • My mother and friend
  • Best mum in the world

As long as the piece of jewellery that you are wanting to engrave is a quality metal it can typically get engraved. However try to avoid base metals and pieces with metal coating as these may cause problems with the surface. Of course, all of the Daniel Bentley pieces are of the highest of quality and can be engraved. Just keep in mind that the white gold items may need to be re-rhodium plated.


2. Birthstone Gift Ideas

Spoil your mum with a piece of jewellery with her birthstone in it – a birthstone is a gemstone that represents your mother’s birth month. Birthstones have been worn and given as gifts for centuries and are a meaningful gift for mum during a special occasion such as Mother’s Day. Birthstone’s are commonly placed in rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, however can also be found in charms and other pieces of jewellery too.

There are a wide selection of birthstone types, below is a list of Birthstones to match your wife’s, mother’s or grandmother’s birth month.

January: Garnet – view our range of Garnet jewellery here.

February: Amethyst – view our range of Amethyst jewellery here.

March: Aquamarine –  speak to the design team at Daniel Bentley about how we can design a stunning Aquamarine piece for your mum.

April: Diamond – view our range of diamond jewellery here

: Emerald – speak to the design team at Daniel Bentley’s about how we can design a stunning Emerald piece for your mum.

June: Pearl or Alexandrite – view our range of Pearl jewellery here.

July: Ruby – find out more about Ruby’s by speaking to the team at Daniel Bentley.

August: Peridot – speak to the design team at Daniel Bentley’s about how we can design a stunning Peridot piece for your mum.

September: Sapphire – view our range of Sapphire jewellery here.

October: Tourmaline or Opal – opals and tourmaline’s are stunning and often multi-toned stones, speak to the design team to find out more.

November: Topaz or Citrine – view our stunning range of Citrine jewellery here.

December: Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise – view our stunning range of Turquoise jewellery here.

Forbes magazine states that birthstones have biblical sources and can be traced back to the book of Exodus in the bible and specifically on the breastplate of Aaron. Birthstones can also be alikened to zodiac symbols too.

3. A Very Special Gift For Mum – Diamonds

Diamonds are natures most previous gemstone, just as mothers are nature’s most precious people. Diamonds are unique and strong, the perfect representation of a mother’s strength and uniqueness. Diamonds blend beautifully into all metal and at Daniel Bentley we often incorporate diamonds to highlight a beautiful design and use gold and silver together, making it the perfect gift to spoil your mum. Before choosing a diamond as a Mothers day gift it is a good idea to think about what type of cut she would like, popular options include round brilliant cut, oval and princess cut diamonds. Diamond shape size and quality can be discussed in consultation with the team at Daniel Bentley, and a beautiful piece can be made to order.

Browse our stunning range of diamond jewellery here.

You can of course choose to give your mum a gift that resembles the unique beauty she is – a piece with diamonds just like our Outback Fossil Ring featuring soft sweeping curves and a unique combination of polished and brushed silver that demonstrates natural elegance of form.

4. A Cherished Photograph

Every mother is special to their husband and children and so many memories are tied to them. Why not give mum a cherished photograph that she’ll look at and adore forever. This could be presented in a beautiful photo-frame or in a pendant locket that stores the precious photograph you’ve printed for her. A locket is a pendant that opens and stores a photograph. Lockets can be available in hearts, ovals and circles which we recommend having made out of silver or gold to allow the precious piece to last or be engraved.

Whichever you choose you can trust in the knowledge that you wife or mother will love it.


5. Show Mum Love With The Daniel Bentley Open Heart Collection

The heart is recognised as a beautiful symbol of life and love. It’s hard to imagine any symbol more powerful or meaningful that purely represents these two things. The human heart has two sides of unequal size. We wanted to emphasise this in our design to equate to the amount of love you give along side the love you receive. You can figure out for yourself, which is the larger side. The most important aspect of this heart design is that it is open… forever.

Browse the stunning Open Heart range here.

Want more Mother’s Day Inspiration?

Speak to the team at Daniel Bentley Jewellery today. With over 25 years’ experience as a jewellery designer, Daniel Bentley has dedicated himself to hand-crafting exquisite and timeless pieces of jewellery. Creating thoughtfully distinct pieces, Daniel has ensured that his collections inspire awe and allow the individual to be imbued with a feeling of pleasure and luxury.

Daniel’s work is renowned for his superb craftsmanship, and each piece is created with the utmost care and respect. His designer jewellery is more than beautiful, it’s inspiring, striking and sophisticated each with a story of it’s own. Daniel Bentley’s reputation for producing divine pieces has seen his jewellery worn by European aristocracy, national leaders and media personalities and if you’re mother is especially lucky this Mother’s day – she’ll be wearing a piece too.


There can be a lot of pressure trying to think of something to give someone so special in your life. That’s why at Daniel Bentley’s we are passionate about helping you find that special piece to give that special person. You may want to give her a Mother’s Day gift that she’ll use all of the time of you may want to give her a piece of silver or gold jewellery that she’ll cherish on occasions. The most important part of giving Mum a gift is giving her a gift that is meaningful, this can range from a special note to a unique piece of jewellery. Try not to overthink the process, consider what she loves, whether it’s gardening, fashion or jewellery, there is special gift just waiting to be given to her. Our recommendation is to put your thoughts and love into your choice – that’s the most important part.