Latest Jewellery Trends 2019

Stay ahead of new trends by discovering the beauty of a timeless handmade piece by Daniel Bentley. We design jewellery that bring joy to our clients and confirms their sense of quality and individual identity. Fashion is fast, which is why we create timeless pieces that don’t need to change due to new trends and times. However, if you’re wanting to know what’s in style for 2019, we’ve articulated a list of the Latest Jewellery Trends 2019.


Reflection, in the jewellery world is not only in luster, but in reflections of times and moments, or beauty seen, then crafted perfectly for the individual wearing the piece so that their personality is also reflected.

Individualism through reflection is set to be a key fashion trend for 2019 that will influence the jewellery you wear. Jewellery is a form of reflecting who you are, so shine bright with a stylish reflective polished finish.

Paired perfectly with bold prints, reflective metal pieces are easily worn and incorporated into your unique individual style. Reflective pieces are perfect for different fashion types, to help you stand out from the crowd and reflect your true self.

Become truly individual with a unique handmade piece crafted perfectly for you or reflect your authentic style with this Ebb Tide Bangle that represents the articulate pattern that is left on the sand as the water recedes with the tide.

Ebb Tide bangle slim wavy
$300.00 AUD – $315.00 AUD



Earrings with elongated structures are not only in trend but the style is chic, elegant and most importantly easily worn. Our take on this trend is adding bespoke coastal elements such as pearl drop earrings. This 2019 Jewellery Trend is perfectly paired with everyday looks through to elegant fashion. Pearl drop earrings will gently add the extra detail needed to stand out with style.

How you wear your hair is important with this style of jewellery, as seen by our model we recommend matching this pair of earrings with sleek up-styles or sleek down-styles.

Featured by our elegant Sapphire De Goede, this set of Elan South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings are simplistically striking, featuring round brilliant diamonds bezel set in brush finished yellow gold.

Shop the pair HERE.


Crafted of quality, this handmade piece is made to order and makes an incredibly versatile piece to wear at a special occasion such as a wedding, or as the perfect gift to the treasure in your life.


Captured by links, and captivating in appearance the chain trend is gaining strength in presence. The trend was first influenced by fine linked styles first seen in late 2017 and is starting to become a highly visible trend for 2019. This emerging chain style trend is quite fine, which is why we love to add pieces of attention to give that extra piece of detail to the minimalistic style.

At Daniel Bentley, we craft linked styles that are subtle, sophisticated and enticing which is exactly what this trend should encapsulate. Command attention to your chain piece with a uniquely characteristic element that has you wanting more pieces to add to your collection.

Styled perfectly for day to night wear, the Daniel Bentley threaded collection features chains paired with intricately designed pieces that fashionably link together. The BonBon Threaded Collection perfectly encapsulates this style, with the classic Daniel Bentley touch.

$220.00 AUD

Browse the Threaded Collection HERE

As an artisan jewellery designer, Daniel Bentley knows how to create pieces that are balanced and effortless. Stronger than trends that change over time, his designs carefully flow with the body, to complement the curves, capture and dance with the light and to highlight the natural beauty of the wearer.

Our collection of jewellery is carefully crafted and handmade, making it the perfect balance of sophistication, beauty and refinement which means that trends are less important than creating a piece that unlocks something inside yourself and invigorates you. Jewellery should make you feel, wild and adventurous or chic and carefree. Let a Daniel Bentley piece, transform you into who you’ve always wanted to be.