Ring Size Conversion Guide

Finger sizes change from person to person, so many people find it difficult to find the right fit – especially by guessing it. This is why we make recommend our clients know their ring size before purchasing a Daniel Bentleys piece – of course we have many standard sizing options, and utilise the European metric system for our designs.

Just like with all fashion items, each country has its own reference of measurement. In Australia we use letters, whilst most other countries use numbers. This is why we created this chart to guide you into what ring size you might be as well as what your size is in other countries. Not only is this guide great for yourself, but you can easily use this chart to get an understanding of what size a family member or friend might be. If you’re looking for the perfect, high quality ring we invite you to browse our extensive range of rings here.

To help understand your size, we’ve provided millimeter measurements that will guide you to your size on the chart. If you already know your ring measurement or size and simply need to convert it to another countries form of measurement simply follow the chart.


Please Note: Of course it’s important to remember this is just a guide, and sizes may vary depending on variations in temperature (your fingers can change up to two sizes depending on temperature), as well as other variables such as knuckle size and fluid retention. So it’s important to understand that this is a general guide that we hope will guide you into a true fit. It’s so important to us that you find your perfect fit, so please let us know if you’re stuck or unsure on the size to choose.