What's so special about bespoke jewellery

What’s so special about bespoke jewellery

The answer to “What’s so special about bespoke jewellery” is “absolutely everything”.

Bespoke, means specially made for a client. Custom made. That in itself is a good enough description, however I think it means much more.

Imagine how it feels to have a piece of jewellery drawn on paper for you… crafted in precious metals for you…set with beautiful gems for you… and then presented to you it’s owner. And having the knowledge that there is only one piece like this in existence, and it’s yours. 

That’s a much better way of looking at what bespoke jewellery is.

Bespoke ring from drawing to finished sparkling ring

How to have a bespoke piece of jewellery created for you

These days it’s not uncommon to bump into someone with the same watch, scarf or the same handbag. When that happens, you may feel a little less special or unique. This will never happen with a custom made item. 

When I design a piece of jewellery for a client, I go through a series of stages and often several meetings before arriving at the final design. 

It starts with a good chat to get to know the client and their tastes and wishes. I often ask what it is they don’t want and then work backwards to a small, defined area where I can start drawing.

I sketch multiple designs based on that information and then do a few that are a bit “out there” just to see if it resonates with the client.

Based on these initial designs I go on to create two or three to choose from. I usually have a feeling by this stage which design will work best.

Creation of a bespoke piece of jewellery

Choosing gems

Together with the client, we choose the gems. I have to emphasise that the connection you feel when you find the right gem is very real. Gems in themselves are uniquely individual.

There are so many beautiful coloured gems out there as well as amazing pearls and diamonds which can make choosing difficult. It’s a luxury problem to have.

With the design settled on and the gems chosen, the next stage is the hand crafting of the piece itself. It’s a precise and painstaking process and there’s little room for error, especially when the materials are so expensive.

Cutting, forging, soldering, setting and polishing are some of the main elements of handcrafting the piece of jewellery. Each of these skills are honed over decades of creating jewellery for clients who appreciate fine things.

The most enjoyable part of the art of making a bespoke piece of jewellery is the moment it’s presented to the client. The look on their face is priceless. The deep breath they take when they see the very special, unique creation that was crafted for them, is the very description of “breathtaking”.